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About Us

Shangpin, the luxury-shopping app recommended by many fashion influencers, brings you a large variety of global luxurious products at inexpensive prices. With our strong supply chain and data system, shoppers can find more than 100,000 imported products in terms of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from across Europe and America, as well as 5,000 new arrivals from luxurious brands such as Gucci, Louis Vutton, Michael Kors and more every week at Shanpin. Moreover, Shangpin is the first membership-exclusive online fashion retailer in China. We dedicate to provide our customers with the ultimate online fashion-shopping experience through developments of exclusive discounts, point rewards, and various customized promotions in the app of ShangPin and

Founded in 2010, the Beijing-based company now has over 400 staff, 2 execution offices in Europe and Hong Kong, and 4 logistic centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Our international investors include Chengwei Capital, Disney's Steamboat Ventures, and Morningside Ventures. Shangpin is confident in establishing a long term relationship with our business partners.

Shangpin ensures the authenticity of our imported products and supports product validations. Additionally, we provide our customers with reports of verifications and validation from China Certification & Inspection to eliminate our customers’ concerns over the authenticity of our products.

Shangpin has gathered work elites from fashion retail industry, fashion media, art design and e-commerce so as to promote high fashion online shopping experience for our customers. We believe only if we share the same value of honesty, dedication, passion and innovation so that we can progress to cater to fashion lovers. Not only do we broadcast news of fashion trends and fashion claims, but we also help western brands develop their growth and reputation in China by offering a stable and mature e-commerce platform, as well as a reliable data support to locate the best fashion group.